Why Women Need Attention

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Whoever this woman in the world in general they all need attention. That was true in women of all ages. This paper was inspired because a few days ago I heard a mother say to her son.

"My son, why lately I feel you changing?" The son is shocked by her statement. Because he did not feel change in the mother. Then he asks. "Changing how mother? I have not changed at all!" The mother replied "You never again contact me. Unlike the usual" The son woke up, it seems that makes her sad.

His son lives in a city far from her mother. Usually within a few days she always call his mother, just asked about him. But last month he was so busy and a lot of work that takes thought and time. Until he forgot to call his mother. Not at the thought of the mother is grieving for his negligence.

This is a proof that the woman's apparent need of attention. The child thinks. It turns out that the same woman, not just his wife who needed attention, but her mother also. Whether it's from his life partner if it still exists. Or attention from their children or close family owned.

A man either as children or as a husband should be able to understand the needs of women around him. Women and men are different. In emotions women have emotions that are not equal to men. Women need more attention, want to be understood and respected. While men also need it but they are much more in need of an award in his life as a reward for what he did.

As a son, of course he know what kind attention needs to be handed to his mother. How he was doing on a regular basis is a form of attention that the mother's highly anticipated.

While life in pairs as a husband, a man must understand why women are more demanding of attention. For women he wants to always be someone who is number one in a life partner. She will be very happy if she becomes a priority for his partner. If in life she was not getting enough attention so she will not feel appreciated, are not considered and she felt there was no partner on the side.

It turns out that attention is a fundamental requirement for a woman. That is why women always want to be given attention. In addition to attention, women also need to listen to. The more he listened to and understood by their partners, the more easy for her to know and understand their partner.

Although the needed attention, apparently she did not want to be treated over by a partner. That eventually led her to be possessive. Give her enough small concerns which means big for her. For example, gave her a sudden hug. That would make it very loved. Every now and then utter love with her, because she not only took action as an expression of love sweetheart. But she also missed her partner say the word love directly. That would be her happy.

For you guys, no need to ask. Why women need attention? Because it is a fundamental requirement for her. You only need to understand their needs, and it is not difficult to meet. If you know what you should do on your woman. So rest assured you will be the most loved man in the world.

Compiled from various sources