Una Maid en Manhattan Capitulo 58 Telenovela

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Una Maid en Manhattan Capitulo 58 transmitted live on Wednesday 17 February 2012, on Telemundo. The videos are connected directly after the live broadcast and are high quality and sound. Have you seen the previous chapter? If not yet, I suggest seeing it first so you are not confused to follow the rest of the story. You do not have to worry any missed a chapter of this telenovela, because I will always present to you the Una Maid en Manhattan per each chapter. Enjoy this interesting story with the peoples that you love.

Una Maid en Manhattan tells story about Marisa Luján (Litzy), a young Mexican woman who due to unforeseen circumstances and unfortunate, migrates to the U.S. with Lalo, your 10 years of age.
After arriving in Los Angeles and stay there for a short period of time, Marisa goes to Manhattan where he began working as a waitress in one of the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in Gran Manzana. It is at this time a love story flourishes when Marisa meets Cristóbal Parker (Eugenio Siller), a young businessman who for a very successful cree mistake that she is a guest of the hotel.