Psychology of Personality by Looking at a Person's lips form

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According to Personality Psychology is developing at the moment, that human personality is a unity. Any assessment of the nature and character of a person's just mean, if all his personality were also considered. Human personality can be said is a "Gestalt": and not just a loose collection of various nature and character of a person.

Integrity or "Gestalt" that we might interpret intuitively. But to study it scientifically, it was supposed to break the integrity of the various aspects or facets. We can not all at once talking about integrity, but must study it from various aspects, one by one. Of course this method of work that is abstract, but no one can release the abstractions of science. As long as we realize that our psychological insights and analysis is abstract, it is thus its application in our lives we will try and also harmonized with the existing reality.

In human relationships or interactions in our environment, a wide range of experience and understanding we can get. And any problems that arise because of this, not all the same extent and degree. Our judgment of those around us too of course different. For example, we can suggest the following assessment:
- He was skinny
- He is easily depressed
- He's smug
- He's a sharp brain
- He is faithful and so on

With these assessments we can put some of human nature, which is very diverse, because each - each a different aspect of a person at all, the physique, temperament, passion, talent, character and temperament.

Psychology of Personality by Looking at a Person's lips form
His lips part to reveal important to communicate love through a kiss. But not only that. Shape of the lips can also reveal much about the personality of its owner.

In his latest book, "Lipsology: The Art and Science of Reading Lip Prints", Jilly Eddy sharing knowledge by reading the lips of one's personality through the mold.

Eddy linked 10,000 women between the shape of the lips with their personality. Want to know your personality? make your own lip prints and match it to the guide, told Woman's Day.

Bumpy upper lips reflect the creativity and imagination of its owner.

When your lips mold to form a V, you are a romantic, a lover of food and beverages as well as the potential to become a chef.

Small bumps, known as wrinkles hug that does not mean you are a show of affection.

A very small space between the lips indicate you have a stubborn attitude, and know what you want to do and how to do it.

A diamond-shaped lip prints show that you are a generous and happy to give in your community.

If you have a full lower lip, it means you're an excellent communicator and a favorite figure in the eyes of children.

Form of cupid bow lips are like the upper lip means you are a person who excels in mediation and negotiation.

Much space between the lips also reveals There's an open-minded, without prejudice to the person or situation you face.

Overall spherical shape of the lips that say you do not like conflict, watching other people and happy around happy people.

Lip angle pointing upward, with open space on the edge, indicating that the multitalented owner who hates boredom.

Granted this is only an analysis and conclusion to see someone's personality based on the shape of the lips. Could be true, but could be wrong. The name of science is something that is dynamic and not absolute. Let us learn and strive to continue to explore and experience science according understanding that we have experienced or are we witnessing.