Lucero in Por ella… soy Eva

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To celebrate his 32 year career, after starting in the children's program "Chiquilladas" Lucero said he is proud of what he has accomplished and happy by this time in the artistic environment.

In addition to celebrating the start of a new project, which is "Por ella… soy Eva," the producer Rosy Ocampo.

Said he likes the character because she will star as a woman who has strength, wrestling, that is positive and comes ahead of the complicated issues, not mourn much.

He stressed that their children are happy with this character that comes up as "Elena" and will be watching to see his mom, because they believe it will be a fun soap opera.

Meanwhile, Jaime Camil said that the love scenes that will Lucero is easier when there is a friendship, coupled with that is between them a brotherhood. So no problem.