La Reina del Sur Gran Final Capitulo

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La Reina del Sur is full of suspense and intrique, and also decorated with tempestuous love story that makes it is always interesting to watch.

La Reina del Sur Gran Final Capitulo. The long journey of this awesome telenovela has reached a tipping point, we can not deny the long journey of chapter 1 until now is very exciting, romantic, dramatic, intense, romance, rivalry, all the coloring story La Reina del Sur. Tonight will be very special, you do not miss it, this last chapter, and it's time to know the end of the story Teresa Mendoza and El Guero? For the United States area you can watch on Telemundo.

Released from prison in the United States, El Ratas, Pote, and El Gato trip to southern Spain with information obtained from Driss (later executed) to kill Teresa. They were arrested by the Russians.

Given that he tried to stop the El Gato of raping her, Pote Teresa command will be released, and told Oleg has the other two men were killed.El Gato run, but El Ratas managed to escape back into Mexico. El Ratas sure that Pote had worked for Teresa, and says she has never returned to Mexico.Driss killings in Mexico led to Willy Rangel to ask for the turn to Spain, where he began working with Flores to build a case against Teresa, who quickly became the most powerful drug dealers in southern Spain. Powered by Yasilkov, and with the help of Teo Aljarafe (Miguel de Miguel), a lawyer and occasional lover of Patty, she opened the Transer Naga, a shell company set up to disguise the actual business. He engaged in battle with the syndicate Galicia, who tried to kill him with a car bomb, but Pote, who roamed the parking lot, managed to save him. In return, she allows him to serve as bodyguards.

Teo Teresa and grow closer, despite reservations about it, and eventually spent the night together. Teo bitter socialite wife, Eugenia (Nerea Garmendia), contract Eddy Alvarez had killed her husband for 30 € million in insurance money. Although wounded, Teo was not killed in the attack. Both Teresa and the Spanish police piece together the truth. Nino tried to question Eddy, but managed to escape the past and accidentally fell from the building, killing himself. Teresa decided to not tell about the involvement of Eugenia Teo, but troops Eugenia trouble when he crashes a birthday party Teresa. By coincidence, the police arrived at home the next day to question Teo Eugenia. He confessed everything, and then killed himself.

Meanwhile, Willy has brought his assistant, Veronica (Sara Maldonado) to Spain to pose as Patty's love interest in order to gain access to Transer Naga.