La Mujer de Judas Capitulo 30 Telenovela

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La Mujer de Judas is full of suspense and intrique, and also decorated with tempestuous love story that makes it is always interesting to watch.
Follow the story of La Mujer de Judas, as this is currently the most popular telenovelas. Do not forget to always come back to Jagat Cinta to keep abreast of the continuation of this story.

La Mujer de Judas Capitulo 30. This episode aired on Friday February 24, 2012. On this website you can see all the chapters in this soap opera that is super interesting. We hope you enjoy this great soap opera and can spread our content through Facebook.

La Mujer de Judas Capitulo 30. Gloria Leal is a college girl, intelligent and fearless, coming to the city of Carora, in central-western Venezuela, with his mother and classmates, to find a theme to develop and exhibit in her thesis. On his way he meets Solomon, a wealthy young man who falls for her at first sight. But this story takes a drastic change when he learns that Gloria Altagracia del Toro had obtained a pardon to get out of jail, this woman had been accused of killing the father Sebastian. Altagracia denied everything but before being admitted to prison vowed revenge. Gloria is interested in this mysterious woman and decides that she will be the subject of his thesis, but will not be as easy as with the arrival of Altagracia appears a murderer or killer dressed as a bride who begins to terrorize the people killing everyone try to steal the inheritance and vineyards. Gloria, her friends and Solomon put their lives at risk to find out the true identity of "La Mujer de Judas".