Amas de casa Desesperadas episode 41 Telenovela l Jagat Cinta

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In Jagat Cinta have fun with Amas de casa Desesperadas episode 41 online. this chapter is the day Friday January 6, 2012. We hope you enjoy this great soap opera and can spread our content through Facebook.

The Manzanares Street does not live poor. Manzanares live on the street women who have purchasing power, they have no money worries and like to think they are "ladies." Big surprise because the suicide of one of them. What led you to kill yourself?
Alice, the suicide, he had everything including secretos.Mientras terrible these come to light, his ghost will observe the life of her neighbors and friends discovering that these refined also housewives have secrets, some very dark.
The naive Susan is able to burn the house of a rival. Leonor, the loving mother can fall into drugs. Gabriela likes boys, and that family of Regina gets it done. However, no secret is darker than it is hidden in a toy box in the house of the late Alice. What is your favorite Housewife?