La Fuerza Del Destino Capitulo 80

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Previously we have provided information about La Fuerza Del Destino Capitulo 81.La Fuerza Del Destino Capitulo eighty | Ver La Fuerza Del Destino Capitulo eighty , telenovela la fuerza can enter into eighty episodes, I hope you are doing not miss this event, as a result of the story a lot of fascinating and a lot of exciting. How the remainder of the story, La Fuerza Del Destino Capitulo eighty, don't worry as a result of La Fuerza Del Destino Capitulo eighty can air on Canal de las Estrellas July one, 2011.

La Fuerza Del Destino Capitulo 80:
Lucrecia (Rosa María Bianchi), Carlota (Delia Casanova), Lucy (Sandra Echeverria) and Camille (Gabriel Soto) learn of the death of Gerardo (Alejandro Tommasi). Maripaz (Laisha Wilkins) learns later. Ivan tells Lucy (David Zepeda) and suppose what to try and do with Carolina (Kika Edgar), Camilo suggests that Arcelia (Leticia Perdigon) take care of her.

Alex (Diego Velázquez) learns that Gary died, he cries and desires to check.

Carmen (Yulianna Peniche) known as Saul (Ferdinando Valencia) and tells him that Gerardo died which if the police finds one thing, she is going to spill the beans. Juan Jaime (Juan Ferrara) orders Saul to accompany him to wake.

Commander Camilo Aguilar tells you found a gun with fingerprints Antolin (Marcelo Córdoba), however Buck informs him that his brother visited the capital and doubt that's accountable.

Arcelia Ivan and provide their homes to remain Carolina, she prefers to remain home. Arcelia decides to remain to worry.

Antolin communicates and learns of the death of Gerardo, decides to come. however conjointly learns that his gun is concerned within the murder. Later he's arrested by a patrol and is arrested for kidnapping and murder.

Antolin Aguilar tells the commander that he was progressing to Mexico town, claims that somebody is attempting to border him and tells Connor concerning his state of affairs, he says he suspects of Saul and Gordo.

Lucia asks Ivan Camilo to advise on matters of Antolin, in that Camilo arrives and gets aggressive with Ivan. Lucia explains why he known as and left alone. Later Carmen tells what happened.

Camilo build a scene once more to Lucy and says he agreed to travel for the post of president of the association, it looks that she is drawn to powerful men, Lucia asked to depart. He grabs her forcefully, she confronts him and that they are repentant.

Zavaleta learns the small print of the case and suggested another lawyer. Camilo says he doesn't wish Ivan to urge within the business of his brother, Anthony (Pedro Armendariz) tells you who don't by him however by Arcelia and asks him to not spit on the plate that fed him.

La Fuerza Del Destino Capitulo 80