Vanessa Claudio: a Mexican an actress, model and TV personality

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Vanessa Claudio is a Puerto Rican beauty pageant contestant, who is currently working as an actress, model and TV personality in Mexico.

Vanessa competed at the Miss Intercontinental 2006 pageant held on October 15, 2006 in Nassau, Bahamas representing her country Puerto Rico. On the final night of the pageant, Vanessa placed in the semifinals in which she then became one of the final five finalists, later resulting as the 1st Runner-up and winning the award for Miss Congeniality.

Since her arrival in Mexico, Vanessa has achieved success in the fields of acting, modeling and television. Her most recognizable work has been appearing in episodes of the TV series El Pantera, working as a TV reporter for the talk shows such as Véngache pa'cá and Venga la Alegría, as well as being featured in numerous magazines including gracing the cover of MAX and H para hombres which is the leading Men's magazine in Mexico.