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Perhaps there are many of you who have not seen the 2012 Movie and watch it is a movie that many people enjoy today. The film is quite interesting for us this is a show that is quite stressful.Let us see the 2012 Film where the film as an illustration of the destruction of the earth which is of course very scary. For some people this 2012 Movie Online  as a doomsday picture which may have occurred in the year 2012 is.

Connoted the 2012 film as an illustration that the year 2012 will end when this happens much talked about. How is this 2012 film has brought fear to many people, especially people who labile. NASA itself in America strongly opposed the presence of this film by creating a site to address public fears.

Players of Film 2012
John Cusack
Amanda Peet
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Thandie Newton
Oliver Platt
Tom McCarthy
Woody Harrelson
Danny Glover
Liam James
Morgan Lily
Zlatko Buric
Roland Emmerich
Script writer:
Harald Kloser
Roland Emmerich.

Movie director Roland Emmerich filmed this immediately attract public attention. Because, since the last few years people crowded thrash about the Mayan prophecy that the world will end in their ancient calendar, namely December 21, 2012.

The story stems from research scientists in India, Dr Satnam Tsurutani (Jimi Mistry) who found that the core of the earth continues to heat up. Satnam invited her best friend as well as the American scientist, Dr. Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor), to come see the research.

Adrian was surprised to see that continue to heat up the earth's core. Increasing the degree of heat continues to rise rapidly. Adrian rushed back to America to meet the president's chief of staff, Carl Anheuser (Oliver Platt). Carl is originally underestimated the Earth heats up the findings surprised and responded immediately.

The scene then continues to the G8 meeting. Here, U.S. President Thomas Wilson (Danny Glover), deliver to the Principals of the world that the earth will be hit by major disasters related to the Earth's core continues to heat up.

Entering 2012, the government increasingly busy preparing the salvation of humanity from the calamity that is believed to be doomsday.

Meanwhile, in another place described a book author Curtis Jackson (John Cusack) comes to the house of his ex-wife, Kate Curtis (Amanda Peet), to pick up their children, Noah and Lily, camping.

Arriving at the campsite Yellowstone, Jackson wanted to show the lake where the family used to camp when it has not been divorced. Unfortunately, in front of the entrance to the lake ban on entering the area displayed. Jackson and his two children and apparently desperate to break into the lake disappeared due to global warming process.

In the camp, Jackson met Charlie Frost (Woody Harrelson), a radio broadcaster who looked like a madman. Thanks to Charlie, Jackson knew that the earth is threatened destroyed. Jackson was given a leaked by Charlie, there is a map containing aircraft that can save humanity from destruction of the earth.

When he returned home from camp, Jackson returned to work to his boss, Yuri Karpov (Zlatko Buric). Jackson was asked to take two twins Yuri, Alec (Alexandre Haussmann) and Oleg (Philippe Haussmann) to the airport.

Jackson began to believe Charlie's talk about the end when he watched the road beneath her feet at the airport divided by the earthquake. Jackson hired a plane and a pilot to save his family paid his expensive watch.

From here, the tension and terror doomsday picture is displayed. Jackson who drove the limo speeding toward her house in Pasadena, Calif., was almost too late. Kate's house is inhabited with their children and her boyfriend, Gordon Silberman (Tom McCarthy), almost destroyed by the earthquake.

Scene after scene of adrenaline and makes you breathless. Jackson was driving the car tried to avoid the streets that collapsed in the quake. All buildings destroyed, falling to pieces. Flyover collapse and disappear swallowed by the earth.

Jackson, Kate, Noah, Lily, and Gordon managed to reach the airport. Unfortunately, the pilot who was killed in the earthquake hired. Be Gordon who was just learning to drive a small airplane, the pilot was forced into impromptu.

The small plane that nearly crashed into the bowels of the earth because of the runway divided. Finally, they survived. From the plane, they saw the land rush into the sea like a plate of food that is dipped into a bath of water.

Elsewhere, Dr. Adrian made was surprised by the degree of heat that the earth continues to rise in a matter of hours. Judgement is expected to remain distant, it was only days away.

The rescue effort started by the government. Unfortunately, President Thomas refused evacuation. Thomas decided not to go on a plane to China, where the availability of 'Iron Ark' to save humankind.

Thomas along with his staff still have time to visit quake victims treated in an open area. That's when a large magnitude earthquake rocked back.

After the quake subsides, what is seen Thomas was horrible. Waves of the sea visible in the distance billowing thousands of feet high. American warships, John F. Kennedy, an unusually large as spewed out of the sea and fell on Thomas and the other victims.

Picture of how great and terrible doom did not stop there. Adrian, who was on a plane to China witnessed the evacuation of the monitors that display a large earthquake up to 9 on the Richter Scale hit many parts of the world over. That was followed by a tsunami everywhere. Predictably, the Earth suffered total destruction.

In fact, the Pacific plate collapse. South Pole shifted thousands of miles away. The Himalayas are also changed, no longer the world's highest peak. Replaced the Cape of Good Hope in Africa.

Long story short, Adrian and the presidential staff arrive in China for up to a big ship called the 'Ark Iron'. Ordinary citizens who want to get on the plane is already booked a seat from far-away days with the price of 1 million euros per person.

Jackson and his family as the protagonist in this film managed to reach Bantera Iron in China. They went into the plane as a stowaway assisted by a Chinese family with a good heart.

Constraints occur. Infiltration process they are less smoothly. Gordon died of a sudden the gates opened vessel. When it comes to closed again, the door was jammed because there are cables that block.

Adrenaline raced back to the audience. The ship will not be able to walk if the door has not closed completely. While the crew is working to find the cause of the breakdown of the door, all-powerful China hit by the tsunami that drowned everything on the mainland.

The ship was adrift and currents will collide with an iceberg. Here, Jackson acted as the hero. Aided by small children, Noah, Jackson fell to the bottom of the ship that had been submerged in water. He finally managed to break the wires that hinder the vessel door.

Like other American films, the audience will be thrilled to see Jackson and Noah action to save the ship. When Noah had escaped from the door, Jackson was not there.

Scene Kate, Noah, and Lily Jackson lamenting cries presumed dead, really touching. Some viewers around the author, there are up to shed a tear.

Finally, Jackson appeared. Boat engine was successfully ignited and the ship moving. Once deemed safe, opened the deck door. Is a scene that only water everywhere. There are no buildings, no houses, no living creatures except those on the ship.

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