Witchcraft, Love Potion, Love Spells, Love Charm

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Witchcraft, Love Potion, Love Spells, Love Charm

By M.S. Beltran

Looking to put a spark of magic into your relationship? Try a little Witchcraft!

Witchcraft is an ancient art which utilizes the powers of nature and the mind to bring about a desired effect. Specific combinations of natural elements draw specific energies. One can tap these energies by stimulating the senses to induce altered states of consciousness that intensify moods and feelings.

A skeptic, are you? What have you got to lose? Follow these simple but powerful ways to conjure up some romance:

Love Potion #9: In a small pot, simmer a half cup of jojoba oil and, moving your spoon clockwise, stir in 9 drops each of the following essential oils: ambergris, cinnamon, frankincense, jasmine, lavender, musk, orange blossom, rose, violet, and ylang ylang. Let cool and store in a dark glass container. Dab yourself with it as you would your favorite perfume before a night out (or a night in) to drive your loved one wild with desire.

Enchanting Brew: Pour a quart of red wine or grape juice in a non-reactive pot and warm to a near simmer. In a doubled piece of cheesecloth place two cinnamon sticks, a teaspoon of rose petals,   teaspoon each of ginger and cloves, a wedge of orange peel and a piece of fresh ginger. Gather and tie the bundle tightly with butcher's string, and place it in the liquid to steep. Taste the brew every few minutes until the flavors have been infused, but remove the bundle before they become overpowering. Chill if desired. Share a glass with your loved one and toast to an enchanting evening.

Lust Spell: Nothing can spark the flame of love like candle magic. The element of fire has long been associated with romance. Before an encounter-- all the better if the moon is full-- obtain a red taper candle and a vial of rose oil. Carve your name and your mate's name into the wax with a pin. Anoint the candle with oil by rubbing it from top to bottom while envisioning your loved one. Visualize all the desire you feel for that person while mentally pouring that energy into the candle. Place the candle in a holder and light it. All the energy you have put into it will be released into the universe to take its course. For safety, do not leave candles burning unattended.

Herbal Bath: In a piece of doubled cheese cloth, place a tablespoon each of dried rose hips, lavender buds, and bay leaves. Wrap the herbs in the cloth and tie at the top with a pink ribbon. Fill a tub of hot water, toss in the herbal bath and sink into it to awaken loving energies. Even better-- invite your mate to join you for a soak!

The Magic Touch: To increase your partner's sexual energy, massage your partner at the base of the palm, just above the wrist crease. This pressure opens up an energy channel straight to the heart chakra (a major energy vortex of the body), from which springs passion and love.

Love Charm: To draw love into your life, cut a three by three inch square of aluminum foil. All metals have attractive properties, and work much like a lightening rod which draws electricity from the atmosphere. Sprinkle a pinch each of dried parsley, rosemary, and thyme onto the center of the foil. Carefully fold the foil to keep the herbs sealed inside. Keep it against your heart to attract loving energies to yourself.