Telenovela ‘Passione’ wins prize in South Korea

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Telenovela “Passione” won the Seoul International Drama Awards in the Drama Series Category. The award was presented today, August 31, to writer Silvio de Abreu and director Denise Saraceni in Seoul, South Korea. ‘Passione‘ ran against other productions from Korea, China, Australia, Canada, Argentina, and Romania. Thrilled, Sivio de Abreu thanked everyone, “We are very proud of this award and we thank the committee of the Seoul Drama Awards for this great honor. Hopefully in the near future, other Brazilian telenovelas will be able to feel the same emotion.  This award will help to bring our countries and passions together more and more.”

Besides the award, the telenovela received another nomination: Tony Ramos competed in the category for Best Actor. Since 2006 the award has been given annually by the Seoul Drama Organizing Committee, and is considered to be the most important awards in the region. It is the second time that a production from TV Globo competes. In 2007, the telenovela “Little Missy” was among the finalists.
It is a great honor for the Brazilian distributor to win a prize in Asia, where the drama production is extensive, especially in South Korea. “We know the importance of this award and one of the winners will be proud. It is good to know that the products we offer to the international market are recognized for their distinctive and high quality content production”, said Raphael Corrêa Netto, director of International Sales at TV Globo. 

Globo TV International has shown a growth trend in the region. Since 2009 in South Korea, Telenovelas, miniseries, series, and documentaries have been televised daily from TV Globo. Last year, productions had been sold to markets such as China, Thailand, Taiwan, Mongolia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The growth is sustainable with this year´s sale of “City of Men” to New Zealand, Channel 5 of MediaCorp, the largest media source in Singapore broadcasts “India-A Love Story”, while in China, the “Woman” series is broadcast on the CCTV8 channel.
 ‘Passione’ was aired during primetime TV Globo between May 2010 and January 2011. In its last chapter, the plot reached an audience of 52 points with 77% share and 31.5 million viewers. The plot has been sold to over 14 countries. Written by Silvio de Abreu and directed by Denise Saraceni, both from the telenovela “Belissima”, the story is based on family relationships and the secrets of four central characters who live in Brazil and in Italy. The cast features stars such as Fernanda Montenegro (Nominated for an Oscar in the film “Central do Brazil”), Tony Ramos, who also competed for an award for his character in the telenovela, Rodrigo Lombardi (“India-A Love Story”), and Marina Ximenes (“The Favorite”).

Filmed and distributed in HD format, ‘Passione’ is set in one of the largest metropolis in the world, São Paulo, and around one of the most internationally recognized beauties of Rome such as Castle Sant’Angelo, Colosseum, and the Vatican. Both the writer and director also chose to record the majority of the scenes in the center of Italy, in Florence and in Siena, Tuscany.