Heart Touching Romantic Love Quotes

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"I would rather live my life with you as a friend
rather than live my life without you in it!"

"When your heart breaks, tears fall from you eyes.
Those tears are pieces of your heart chasing
after the one you love."

"Even stronger than the precious sound your
lips make during your first kiss is the sound
your heart makes at the same moment."

"The only consolation of saying goodbye to
someone you love is the glimmer of hope that
someday after that goodbye there will be another hello."

"My heart broke the day I realized loving
you meant letting you go."

"I'm not blind and stupid. I'm just in love."

"Love is represented by a rose not only
because of it's eternal beauty but also
because of it's destructive thorns."

"If I were an angel, I would be a fallen one
trying to fly on broken wings, with a broken heart.
That was when you found me and taught me to
fly again, because you loved me."

"He is the love of my life, the man who
showed me what true passion is...
He ignited that dim flame in me and
turned it into a wild fire that will
never stop burning within me."