La que no podía amar synopsis

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La que no podía amar (Which could not love) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Jose Alberto Castro. Starring Ana Brenda Contreras, Jose Ron as the main protagonists and with the antagonistic participation/ main villain of Jorge Salinas, Jorge Aravena with Fabián Robles and Susana Gonzalez.

Original airing     Mexico
August 1, 2011 - present

Ana Paola Carmona, is a young, simple, good and humble as a child had to care for her sick mother. After this dies, Ana Paola decided to study nursing in order to help others.

Ana Paola and her brother Luis was sent to live with his aunt Rosa who complains bitterly about having lost opportunities in love for taking care of his nephews and intended to be the ones who keep it, for which pretends to be sick.

Ana Paola meets the formidable lawyer Rogelio Montero, who is seeking a nurse to attend to his boss. The pay is good and Ana Paola accepts employment to support his family financially. What she did not imagine is going to work under very dificiel in the hacienda "La Soledad," a distant and isolated, together with the dificl character of its owner, Roger, who was unable to overcome an accident that left him paralyzed .

Ana Paola meets Gustavo Duran, a noble, hard-working engineer who has a sick sister. Ana Paola and Gustavo fall in love but their happiness is cut short because Roger is also in love with it, forming a love triangle with terrible consequences.