La Bruja capitulo 35

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Jagat Cinta come back again for you, Telenovela lover. This time we bring the latest chapter of La Bruja. La Bruja capitulo 35. This episode aired on Monday, August 1, 2011. On this site you can also see all the chapters of other title telenovela that super interesting. We hope you enjoy this great soap opera. Peace!

This is the story of two very unique characters were born in a small, prosperous town of the country's coffee region, which succeeded, over time, acquire such power that influenced decisively in the political fortunes of Colombia in the late the seventies, and unknowingly, in the state of affairs in the country today.
Amanda, a teacher by vocation, began in the arts of sorcery was very young. He began reading the cigarette to her friends and then studied how much advised him Witches, coming to have as much prestige and power as a witch who was hired by the Governor of his department and the President to advise them in matters of love , politicians and businessmen.
Jaime Cruz, was one of the first drug recognized in its region. Born into a poor family, worked as a laborer on several farms for a living and then disappeared from his people to return, years later, the owner of an immense fortune. He, like many others, started in the underworld by petty theft and extortion at the hands of a beautiful black woman that was also courageous drug dealer, and then took over several routes, mainly through Mexico, to smuggle cocaine to the United States.
Amanda and Jamie became friends and joined forces to gain power and got it on a scale never imagined.