How to Express Your Feelings to the One You Love

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Love is not about giving or receiving gifts but about sharing each other’s feelings and letting each other know how much you really care. You need to be romantic, creative, and unique. The best way to show someone you really care is by words and how your actions make them feel very special. You need to say something coming from the heart and show them from your soul. Love them for who they are and not for who you are.

1. Think about all the great moments that you have shared with that person for inspiration.
2. Try to think of words that can describe what your feelings towards him/her are. The happiness you feel when you are around him/her and the necessity you have to being with him/her.
3. Find a place where you'll be comfortable and alone and that would stimulate romance.
4. Tell them how much you want to be with them. They will appreciate that you are SHOWING them your love and not just saying it.
5. Spend as much time with them as you can.if you love someone, you should prefer always to see him/her ALL THE TIME!
6. If you feel they have something to say, do not ignore them. Keep an open mind of how they may be feeling. Remember: They are human and have feelings too. Be compassionate and understanding to their feelings.
7. Finally, just say it. Don't try to think of the perfect time to say it because sometimes it will never come out, if you become too nervous. If you didn't prepare anything to say, just speak your heart out.