Fabiola Campomanes a Mexican actress

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Fabiola Campomanes (Born Fabiola Campomanes Rojas) is a Mexican actress who was born on July 30, 1972, in Mexico City.

She is famous for performing for various Mexican telenovelas since 1993.

Fabiola Campomanes is a graduate of the Center for Arts Education Televisa (CEA), also studied filmmaking and television at UCLA.

Fabiola, who considers acting as a sort of drug, received his first opportunity to act within the small screen in the soap opera The poor cousin of producer Carla Estrada, from there, thanks to her beauty and talent, many producers both Televisa and TV Azteca, began to call for inclusion in their work.

In his history histrionic melodramas are CristalRetrato TV Family Empire (1995), Los Hijos de Nacho, Azul Tequila (1998), La Calle de las Novias (2000), Agua y Aceite (2002), El País de las Mujeres (2003) and y Ladrón de Corazones (2003).

The theater stages are not exempt from having had the talent and presence of the young actress, as were several stagings in which Campomanes has participated Quiet, They're all under arrest, I told you, the protagonist and the dark I da Risa, are some of the works by Fabiola.

Thanks to his work in the film which side you was nominated in 2003 for 'The People's Awards "given annually to the MTV video chain, Copacabana was another work in the cinema for the young actress.

In 2004 he decided to enter the third edition of the reality show Big Brother VIP, where he reached the finals and won the fourth place, after 50 days inside the house.

In 2005, Fabiola announces that it has accepted the proposal to pose naked for Playboy magazine America, also announced that it would in several magazines in Brazil and Greece.