Una Familia con Suerte Capitulo 115 Telenovela

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Una Familia con Suerte Capitulo 115 Telenovela. Jagat Cinta inform you, telenovela lovers. This chapter is for the day Friday, July 22, 2011. We hope you enjoy this great soap opera. Gracias & Peace!

Una Familia con Suerte presents Pancho Lopez, who is part of a working family, Luchon and aspirational. Doña Fernanda Peñaloza is appointed president of cosmetics, this will bring serious conflicts with the Irabien, owners of a large fortune, but will also be the amorous adventures of Candela, auto racing, wrestling between two beautiful women Pancho and other surprises. A couple Luck is a story with values ​​promoted by the love of family and work, through tangles of fun to the music and will surely become a favorite in soap operas every home.