Ni contigo ni sin ti capítulo 107 Telenovela

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Comes to our screens telenovela Ni contigo ni sin ti capítulo 107 for the day Tuesday July 26, 2011 televised production is transmitted daily through the channel of the stars at 18:00.

Leo, a blind pensioner, is in charge of linking this world with that of more affluent families. Leo's love is played by Gianna, the daughter of the landlady, and Sabrina, young man from the upper class.

Leo is blinded by an accident at the age of fifteen, his personality does not correspond in any way they generally set out in the soap opera about people with disabilities. By contrast, Leo is very optimistic and cheerful. His love, Sabrina is a young friendly and good family, but has a rather unattractive defect, is a kleptomaniac. She steals insignificant objects, in order, well hidden from the attention of those around her. Gianna, meanwhile, is a middle-class girl, good girl, but has a very bad temper. The story also goes in part on other partners, and disagreements between, they deliver an entertaining and sophisticated alternative. Seasoned lovers are featuring Rodrigo, Ana Lucia and Maria, who fill the story in great shape overall.

Elena is, therefore, the owner of an exclusive boutique and has a daughter named Monica. After a complicated relationship between mother and daughter, is hiding a big secret. The pension "Forza Italia", a house in "El Llano", is run by its owners, who are Pola and Dionysus, commissioned to bring the share of humor to the novel. There are two worlds, of course not located each other. That would fall into the typical.

Here the rich are wealthy upper class, those who have their nice house in a district of uptown, but never a mansion on the outskirts. The meek are not so poor, but all with a clear work that sustains more than worthy.