La Santa Sazón capitulo 3 Telenovela

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La Santa Sazón capitulo 3. This chapter is for the day Wednesday, July 27, 2011. Broadcast by the RCN. We hope you become part of this wonderful story.

The three nuns have assaulted a poultry and have a juicy booty. Then fleeing from the police and are chased throughout the Costa Verde to arriving at a restaurant. That will help an Italian businessman to defend villains and accidentally start working there.
Meanwhile, Gaston Pineapple (César Ritter) grew without major concerns in a village in the central highlands of Peru. He was always a very reserved and shy guy, so his neighborhood friends affectionately called him "the dumb". After the death of his mama as he affectionately called her aunt, Gaston decides to go to the capital to fulfill the last wishes of his mother putative. Board their few belongings and leaves for Lima. By twist of fate began to work in a restaurant in Peruvian food, there he meets the sweet light Gringuito (Rossana Fernández-Maldonado), is a beautiful girl carrying of fairy princess who has been educated in the most prestigious private schools in the capital. Despite having been always surrounded by all the luxuries and amenities, having traveled almost all over the world, has kept the simplicity and humility that both unnerve Poor Mallone (Roger Eagle) Relief and Ito (Patricia Portocarrero), executors of the girl.