La Pola Capitulo 197 - CAPITULO FINAL

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La Pola Capitulo 197 - CAPITULO FINAL Hi Telenovela lovers! Jagat Cinta back again. Today we bring La Pola Capitulo 197 (Final) that will broadcast on  Thursday, July 28, 2011. We hope you become part of this wonderful story.

Somebody thinks that they are special, then it might be a reason for Pola by which Samano actually listen Pola suggestion. Start from point of view, Samano as well as the mestiza is doing their best as they ready to repent the treason publicly toward the Crown. There would be different scene along La Pola capitulo 197 for sure. Its not only because of the reason above but also the condition of Alejo that think its should be shoted for a while.

The other scene of La Pola Capitulo 197 is crucial where soldiers on guard in this prison, suspected of the situation and immediately notify the Marshal will Samano. Thus, Andrea Ricaurte Bibianito being confesses to ordering the execution of the Pola for the next day; however there are some citizens of Santa Fe plans to prevent it. Moreover, after expelled from the seminary, Servant declares his love. What next? And what is the end after the slave tells about his mistress by which Pola’s going to be shot? And about the sabotage will affect the army and the others?

Have you notice that on last episode (La Pola Capitulo 197 - CAPITULO FINAL) its so pleasure for Julian and Catherine? For a moment, they found their romantic memory, after surprise meeting in Guaduas. Like an old friend, she talks to him so calmly, happily and she also introduced Julian to Nicolasa. Yeah, its another scene tells about beautiful friendship. While, La Pola Telenovela Capitulo 197  is obviously show the great heroes of Colombian as you noticed on the present of Don Antonio Nariño as well as Pola. Its not only entertains, yet tells much about history, self determination, struggle and also romance story.