Flor Salvaje Capitulo 4 Telenovela

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Flor Salvaje Capitulo 4 Telenovela. At Jagat Cinta you will find a latest information of current and new telenovela series, such as Flor Salvaje. Flor Salvaje Capitulo 4 will broadcast at your favorite television channel at Thursday, 21 July, 2011. Enjoy it telenovela lovers!

Flor Salvaje is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the TV network Telemundo USA.  This new telenovela tell the history about Amanda, a young woman who must forge a new life for herself and her three sisters after being orphaned. Amanda arrives in the city of New Hope attracted by tales of riches that came with the discovery of oil in the land.
There you will discover that New Hope is dominated by Rafael Urrieta, a greedy person who rules the city with an iron fist and believes that money can buy everything.
In this small town that seems lost in time, no one dares to face Rafael Urrieta until it reaches Amanda