Esperanza del Corazon Capitulo 3 Telenovela

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Esperanza del Corazon Capitulo 3 Telenovela. Esperanza del Corazon Capitulo 3, this chapter is for the day Wednesday, July 20, 2011. We hope you enjoy this great new soap opera.

A force that drives us to live, to feel and love
Esperanza del Corazon is the story of Angela, who with the help of his daughter Lisa, struggle to get ahead in the setbacks that life presents.
Since Franco's death, her husband, Angela suffers the abuse of Lucretia, her mother, who removed all the protection and support to run home. Angela, like any other heroine, never cease to be positive and enthusiastic, respond to adversity with dignity and with great spirit.
Hope the heart is a story full of rhythm, in which different people are taking part in the struggle for the happiness of Angela.
All characters will fill every day afternoon with a particular magic, where the main ingredient is love, the struggle of good against evil, the search for how to maintain the principles and the proper way to counteract the evil of the villains, always with proper seasoning tears, laughter and music.