Emperatriz Capitulo 78 Telenovela

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Emperatriz Capitulo 78 Telenovela. Telenovela lovers all over the world welcome to Jagat Cinta! Here the latest information about Emperatriz, your favorite soap opera. Emperatriz Capitulo 78 will broadcast on Televisa channel at Friday, 22 July, 2011. Peace & enjoy!

She is a woman full of resentment and pain, which seeks revenge Anselmo, the man who cheated on her and took her little daughter. Along with Leon, who also hates Anselmo, hatch a plan to destroy it with his wife, Alma Rosa, damaging the lives of the daughters of marriage, three innocent girls who are not guilty of anything, which will be orphaned and separated. Most of these girls is the daughter of Empress.
Years later one of the three girls, the middle child of Anselm, called Endrin, returns to Caracas after the identity of Eugenia Sandoval, Empress seek revenge and restore his two sisters, who are lost. The oldest girl, Esther, after living and studying abroad, returns to Venezuela and falls in love with Larry, the husband of Empress. The youngest of these children, Elena, has grown along with their adoptive parents, away from everyone and do not remember anything